Al-Qaida, or impatience to [advance] declaration IS offensive to India


Al-Qaida, or impatience to [advance] declaration IS offensive to India [General] 00 Date of terrorist attacks in the United States and later, terrorism is re-recognized to be a major threat to the peace and stability of the entire international community, towards the fight against terrorism, the international community has been strengthened solidarity. It is, not only to terrorist mopping-up operations by international troops, including the United States in Afghanistan inside and outside, cooperation in information surface, strengthening of the international legal framework for preventing terrorism, combating the financing of terrorism, immigration strengthening, etc., over a wide range of fields. A result of strengthening of such international efforts, in Afghanistan, the destruction of training camps to train terrorists, the result of restraint, such as many of al-Qaeda members have gone up. In addition, although the al-Qaeda of the remaining forces in Afghanistan and the surrounding area has not come to be completely removed, with the cooperation of national law enforcement authorities, is caught restraint of al-Qaeda members in various parts of the world have been made.

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