Al-Qaida, or impatience to [advance] declaration IS offensive to India

[Tanker attack terrorist organization is involved] Iranian ...

Al-Qaida, or impatience to [advance] declaration IS offensive to India Elite troops who are responsible for such as counterterrorism operations, calibration Nanimo Gallura dam of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps Jose in the original commander (0) is the day, depending on the coverage of the Sankei Shimbun in the capital Tehran, about the incident by Japanese tanker was attacked, [ which has been carried out in the aim to use the Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to the anti-Iran propaganda, terrorist organization showed the view that] was involved. Hossein said, for the purpose of increasing military tension of the US Iran, pointed out that the anti-government organization possibility that [Jeishiadori] and was carried out of southeastern Iran listed the separation principle. The organization [has been found that with the assistance of a particular country, military technology is also high] was talking to. In addition to, such as the Sunni extremist organization [Islamic State] (IS) and the international terrorist organization Al-Qaeda system is in a hostile relationship with Iran is that there is also a possibility that was involved.

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