Al-Qaida, or impatience to [advance] declaration IS offensive to India

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Al-Qaida, or impatience to [advance] declaration IS offensive to India 00 main culprit Islamic extremist groups in the United States terrorist attacks that occurred on date (Sunni [Sunni] Muslims). In Saudi Arabia's richest man Laden family of son Osama bin Laden is the leader, the late 1980s, founded where she for the purpose of Afghanistan released. After that, the Gulf US military in the war of Islam two major holy sites of Mecca, in stationed in Saudi Arabia to sovereignty over the Medina, the same organization for the purpose of release from the heathen of the Islamic holy places. Years Egypt, Pakistan, and formed the World Islamic Front for Jihad against Jews and Crusaders] Islamic extremist groups and of Bangladesh, chanting the holy war with the United States (jihad), has carried out a terrorist attack. On the other hand by the anti-terrorism operations in the United States, such as the Afghan war, the organization has been weakened. But the same organization, recruited in the Internet, set up a site to carry out such training, continued to foster the terrorist of next-generation activities, has called anti-American, the armed struggle against Israel.

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